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Specialized Performance Coating, Inc. is an applicator of a wide variety of performance coatings including ceramic, dry-film lubricant, and powder coatings. With a decade of experience in the industry offering this service, SPC has established a reputation for quality and extensive product knowledge. The list of markets that have realized the benefits of SPC's services include, but are not limited to, automotive, motorcycle, marine, aviation, firearm, and industrial. Be it racing, restoration, show, or the budget-conscious hobbyist, SPC offers a wide variety of coatings to help your project attain higher levels of performance, improved appearance, and greater longevity.
Ceramic Coating Ceramic Coatings are utilized for their remarkable high-temperature stability, excellent corrosion protection, unique thermal-barrier properties, and easy to care for cosmetic appeal. These performance characteristics make ceramic coatings particularly well suited for use on exhaust components, but the durability and attractive appearance of these coatings make them a popular finish choice for all metal parts and components.
Powder Coating
Powder Coating is the coating of choice when an attractive, durable and long lasting protective finish for metal parts and components is required. Powder Coating's unique composition enables it to outperform conventional paints and surface treatments on all levels including resistance to chipping, scratching, and chemicals as well as protection from corrosion, oxidation, and ultra-violet breakdown (fading). An extensive variety of finishes is available including solid colors and metallics (in high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, flat, texture, wrinkle, and vien finishes) as well as simulated patinas and visually stunning special effect colors like transluscents, candies and sparkles.
Dry Film Lubricants Dry-Film Lubricant Coatings are long lasting, thin-film polymer coatings that employ lubricating fillers to provide any coated part or component improved resistance to wear, galling, seizure, and heat fatigue by reducing surface friction. Unlike traditional wet-film coatings which can run off of the part and rely on mechanical delivery methods which may have a lag-time, dry-film lubricants are permanently bonded to the part which means the part is protected from friction before, during, and after it is put into service.
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